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Going to release!

We are pleased to announce that the development of current version of the game is nearing completion! A lot has […]


We plan to release 2 big updates before the game will be v.1.01 – New contract system. The update will […]

Open Wheel Manager is on Steam now!

The memorable date is today! 🎉 9 months of the game development are in the past and now the early access on […]

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About us

PaprikashWorks, LLC is a small studio with a huge potential and desire to make good games. The are just a couple of developers and a designer in our team with summary experience more than 20 years. For a long time we were just a simple web-studio like thousands of other and we are happy it’s in the past. We came to a new stage of our history now – gamedev and hope to actively develop this area.

In May, 2019 we’ve realized our dream – Open Wheel Manager, our first game, was released in early access on Steam. The development of this project has a long history since 2009. The concept and implementation tool of OWM changed several times and finally it’s the game on Steam. More information about this game you can see in “Our games” section.

Now we working over Open Wheel Manager updates and planing realise the 1.0 version in August 2019. In parallel, we are working on another game-project.

Our portfolio is not big yet, but this is the beginning. We interested in smart oldschool games like managers, strategy, wargames with non-cartoonish graphics. Blockbusters and mobile games are not for us.

We are open to contact with publishers, but don’t like to write a huge business-plans and have a daily or weekly or any other meetings –  communication only in writing.

Our experience

  • Our summary experience is more than 20 years
  • Technologies in development are PHP, C#, SQL
  • Design skills: 2D graphics and 3D modelling, motion design
  • Open for new tools
  • We love what we do